Canteen Farm House
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The Canteen Farm House is an alternative to the farm house typology and speculates on integrating the house with the operations of the farm through irrigation infrastructures to assist in drought prone areas. As a result of poor or uncertain water availability, food supply systems are being increasingly scarce as water wars are now being waged. Agrarian housing is a social and environmental concern that this 800 square foot home addresses. The exterior skin is made with rubber ‘canteens’ that fill collect, store, and distribute rain water. At full capacity, the house can hold 50,000 gallons of water. Designed to collect, store, and distribute rain water through an elastic skin, the capacity of the house to function like a canteen integrates it with the farms operations with bloated, temporal forms. The bloating of the skin indexes hydrological conditions while altering the relationship between form and context.
The Canteen Farm House was a first place winning entry in the Single Family Category of the 2011 D3 Housing of Tomorrow Competition.